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Your squad will be able to have its name, a short bio, and picture included in the front of our program free of charge.  This information will need to be received by November 18th in order to meet our deadline.  Within your bio please include the name of your coaches/sponsors and limit its entirety to no more than five sentences.  If you would like to include your picture please send a non-returnable photograph (no less than 4x6, no more than 5x7) with your squad's name written on the back.  We will try to return these pictures to you at the competition.  We are not responsible for lost pictures.

We are also selling ad space within our programs.  The cost of these are: 

1/8 Page - $30

1/4 Page - $50

1/2 Page - $100

1 Full Page - $200

These ads are not limited to businesses.  Parents or booster club members can also purchase ads to wish their favorite team or individual good luck.  You can include almost anything within the ad such as photographs or drawings.

For a printable program advertising form please click here.