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Program Advertising for the 2000 North Mississippi Magnolia Invitational

Please fill out the form completely. Space is available for any extra text you may want to add. Do not staple any photographs or business cards to this form. Deadline for forms is November 18th. Please mail completed form and check (made to BDAS cheerleaders) to: Our Gym, Inc.

Attn: North West Magnolia Invitational

8802 Old Craft Rd.

Olive Branch, MS 38654


Name/Company Name: _____________________________________________



Phone/Contact #:_________________________________


Circle Size:  1/8 pg ($30)   1/4 pg ($50)    1/2 pg ($100)    1 whole pg ($200)


Additional Text: __________________________________________________________________




Amount Enclosed:  $________________


Check if you wish to use any of the following in you ad: (Please enclose 1 copy)

___ Yellow Pages Ad       ___ Business Card     ___ Company Logo/Graphic

___ Discount Coupon      ___ Photograph     ___ Other  ____________________


Who sold you this ad? (i.e. specify: cheerleader, web site, parent, etc)