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2002-2003 Cheer and Dance Teams


Congratulations to the new (and old) members of the BDAS family. We are all so excited to have you with us for what's destined to be the best year yet! If you aren't on our list, but would like to be, please email us, or call Our Gym, Inc. at

(662)893-2119 to find out more!



Sr. Coed Cheer Jr. Coed Cheer Pee Wee Cheer Sr. Elite Dance


Amanda B.

Allison J.

Amanda S.

Angela H.

Ashley S.

Becca H.

Brenda H.

Brittany B.

Brittany F.

Brittany Mc.

Brittany M.

Chelsea B.

Chelsea K.

Courtney F.

Erica B.

Erica R.

Heather L.

Hillary L.

Holli K.

Jessica J.

Lauren G.

Marianne B.

Meagan M.

Nicole W.

Nikki R.

Pam H.

Rachel O.

Renada B.

Robin W.


Bobby L.

David S.

Gerald S.

Josh L.

John P.

Ryan B.

Skylar R.





Annie M.

Andrew H.

Ashlea B.

Ashley M.

Brooke H.

Cameron G.

Chasity A.

Chelsea C.

Dayley L.

Erin S.

Fredricka S.

Grace R.

Heidi H.

Jena P.

Jill P.

Jessica P.

Katelyn W.

Kelley B.

Kristen L.

Lacie L.

Liz L.

Margaret B.

Melissa S.

Morgan D.

Myisa L.

Nikki B.

Sara B.

Sarah F.

Shannon G.

Tiffany C.


Chance C.

Jacob F.

Jason M.

Josh F.

Josh L.

Nick C.

Paul C.

Pierre G.

Seth S.

William G.


coming soon coming soon