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Blue Diamond All Star Senior Co-Ed

Last year was an exciting journey for the Senior Coedd Diamond team, culminating in an impressive 2nd place finish at the country's toughest national cheerleading championship in Orlando, FL. Now, tryouts are here as the cheerleaders are ready to hit that competition floor again! The BDAS Senior Co-Ed squad consists of male and female members in the 9th-12th grades from throughout the Mid-South area. The squad practices twice weekly, plus one gymnastics class per week. After cheer camp in the summer, the squad will travel to many local and regional level cheer competitions, on their way to a small & large national championship. The team will end their year at national all star championships in cities across the country such as St. Louis and Orlando. This team is more selective during their tryouts, as experience & advanced tumbling skills may be required.  For more information, please call Our Gym, Inc. at (662) 893-2119 and ask to speak with any of the cheer coaches.


2001-2002 Achievements

UCA All Star Camp: Camp Champions, Home Dance Routine Champions

2001 Mid-South Fair: 3rd Place

2001 UCA Tupelo Regionals: 1st Place

2001 Athletic Cheer & Dance Nationals: 3rd Place

2002 ASC Nationals: 6th Place

2002 UCA Nationals: 2nd Place