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Private Lessons


$20 per half hour for 1 student

Semi-Privates (2 people)- $13 per half hour per student

Tri-Privates (3 people)- $11 per half hour per student


1. Payment is MONTHLY,  in advance of the first lesson. Checks are to be made out to Our Gym.

2.Private lessons are to be scheduled by each individual instructor before or after class, not during. Times scheduled must be confirmed by the instructor, so as not to interrupt any ongoing class or squad practice.

3. Any cancellations must be done at least 24 hours in advance of the lesson being cancelled. If not, the instructor is not obligated to make up the lesson. Exception: extenuating circumstances beyond your control- talk with your instructor.

4. In the case of semi or tri-privates, cancellations must be done together, and made up together.