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Jr. Prep Cheer

    Last year, the Jr. Prep Cheer team came home with the most impressive finishes in the team's history, including one National Championship title. This year, the team is ready to go again. The squad will consist of 6th grade & under boys & girls. Children in the 3rd grade und under will be split between the Jr. Preps and the Pee Wee squad depending upon experience and ability level. The team will begin the summer with only 2 practices and 1 gymnastics class weekly. The only requirements for this squad are a good attitude and the will to learn. For more information on this squad, please call Our Gym, Inc. at (662) 893-2119, and ask to speak to any of the cheer coaches.

2001-2002 Achievements

2001 UCA All Star Camp: Camp Champs, Home Dance Champs, Superior Trophy

2001 UCA Tupleo Regionals: 3rd Place

2002 UCA All Star National Championship:  7th Place

2001 Athletic Cheer & Dance NATIONAL CHAMPS!!