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Our Gym General Rules and Regulations

Waiting Area:

1. Students should be seated in the waiting area prior to the start of their class; PLEASE, no horseplay in the waiting area.

2. Parents are not allowed in the class area, but are welcome to view class from the observation window. PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB THE CLASS!

3. Please help to keep this area of the gym clean by placing any trash that you bring into the gym in one of the trash cans.



1. Shorts and a t-shirt, long enough to tuck in, is preferred. Uniform socks are optional. Any workout pants, leotards, spandex, etc., are fine.

2. Do not wear any jewelry.

3. Long hair is to be worn up and out of the face.

4. Shoes and belongings are to be placed in the cubby holes provided but Our Gym, Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen items left in the gym.


Make-Up Classes:

1. Each student is allowed one (1) make-up class per month.

2. Make-up classes must be taken as close to the missed class as possible.

3. In the event of serious injury or illness, please contact an instructor at Our Gym.