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Class Levels

Level I- This level is for the novice tumbler/cheerleader to learn basic skills and                  body awareness.

Level II- At this level, the novice tumbler/cheerleader is introduced to the skills                    progression that will enable him/her to start to learn the skills                                 necessary to make the average cheerleading squad.

Level III- At this level, the student is no longer considered novice, and it is at

                    this level that the student will work on perfecting the skills

                    necessary  for most of today's cheerleading squads.


Level IV- At this level the student is considered an above average cheer tumbler.

                   The student has mastered the skills necessary to make most of today's

                    cheer squads. He/She will now be working on some elite tumbling and

                    combination skills.


Level V- This is the elite cheerleader/tumbler. This class works on perfecting

                  elite tumbling and combination skills.


*Classes are not arranged by age, but by ability level.

*Exception: Pre-School Classes:  Ages 3-5