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Blue Diamond All Star Squad Rules and Regulations

These rules have been developed to insure that our program runs as smoothly ass possible. By agreeing to these rules, each squad member and parent agrees to commit to these rules for the whole of the year. Expect these rules to be strictly enforced, and please realize that they are for the betterment of our program.

  1. Upon dismissal from or quitting of any squad in the all star program, all monies owed up to the point of leaving will be paid. Also, any payments made up to the point of leaving will be forfeited by the student. No refund!
  2. Tardies and absences must be approved by the coach/coaches at least one practice prior to tardy or absence.
  3. There will be no use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or foul language in or outside oof cheerleading while being a member of this squad.
  4. All practices, performances, competitions, and Blue Diamond fund raisers are mandatory. Tardies or absences to any of these must be approved.
  5. If injured or sick, the student will attend practices unless otherwise instructed by the coach. After recovery, the coach/coaches will decide when the student should return to squad activities. This will only happen when the coach/coaches feel that the student is back to 100%.
  6. No jewelry will be worn during practice, competitions, or other functions unless otherwise instructed by the coach/coaches.
  7. The squad members and parent opinions will be considered on most decisions, but the BDAS staff will have the final say.
  8. Attitudes- It is assumed that all parents and squad members are mature individuals and will not allow personal problems to threaten the overall potential of the squad. However, if attitudes do present a problem, it will be resolved by the coach/coaches most expediently. DISMISSAL IS AN OPTION!
  9. Any member of the BDAS all star program cannot, for the duration of the year, be involved in another COMPETITIVE cheer or dance organization. The Blue Diamond All Star program last from tryouts to the last event, and is, for the most part, a 1 full year process.
  10. The coach/coaches have the right to override any of the above listed rules to insure the smooth operation of the entire program.