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Magnolia Invitational 2000

December 2nd, 2000 - The first annual North Mississippi Magnolia Invitational to be held at Horn Lake Middle School in Horn Lake, Mississippi

Come out and compete in one of Mississippi's largest cheer and dance competitions.  With divisions for both school and all-star programs, there is something for EVERYONE.  This competition will be sponsored in part by the American Cheerleaders Association with bids going to winners in each division for the 2001 ACA Nationals to be held in San Antonio, Texas.



School Cheer All-Star Cheer
Elementary Youth All-Star (4th grade and under)
Junior High Junior Prep (6th grade and under)
JV/Freshman Junior All-Star
SR. Varsity Senior All-Star
Coed Coed
School Dance All-Star Dance
Elementary Elementary
Junior High Junior High
JV/Freshman Senior
SR. Varsity


There is a two minute time limit for dance teams. 

There is a two and a half minute time limit for cheer squads.  School squads must perform a cheer or chant with the music sections not exceeding a total of one and a half minutes.


Dance teams will compete on the hard wood gym floor.

Cheer squads will compete on a 48'x 54'x 2" competition mat.

A practice mat area will also be provided for all squads to warm up on.


1st - 3rd Place Squads in each division will receive trophies.  1st place winners will also receive a championship banner and a bid to ACA Nationals.


For complete rules and additional information E-Mail us, or call Our Gym Inc. at (662) 893-2119.