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2000 AmeriCheer Music City Classic

        On Saturday, December 16, 2000, the BDAS Jr. Co-Ed squad traveled to Nashville, Tn for the AmeriCheer Music City Classic. The squad competed against 2 other Junior level squads, the All American All Stars and G-Force All Stars. The squad was excellent, with only one stunt falling. Many parents agreed that it was the best performance by the squad all year. At the end of the day, the Diamonds came home with a 2nd place trophy. All Americans placed 3rd, and G-Force All Stars won the competition with a very difficult routine. Congratulations to all Blue Diamond Jr. Co-Ed members! A very special thanks goes out to all of our older members for helping the Jr. Squad reach their goal of receiving a bid to nationals. We appreciate your help and wish you luck on your journey with the Senior Co-Ed squad in Orlando!!!